Exterior Fire Retardants

Exterior Fire Retardants

Project: Finland's tallest wooden apartment building
Fire Protection: NT Deco (Weather Guard™)

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Interior Fire Retardants

Interior Fire Retardants

Project: Fazer visitor center
Fire Protection: NT Neutra - Indoor Air Comfort® (Interior wood)

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Fire protection in colour

Fire protection in colour

NT Deco is available in thousands of translucent tones for flexible design.
The latest pigment and binder technologies offer lasting quality.

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Industrial solutions

Industrial solutions

Environmentally friendly NT fire-retardant-treated wooden construction products can be CE-marked.
Reaction to fire classification: B-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1).
Various application methods and finishes available.

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Growth from wood

NT fire-retardants enable wood product manufacturers and construction companies to deliver safe and long lasting wooden buildings for both commercial housing and industrial needs.

Key features of treated wood:

  • Euroclass: B-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009)
  • ASTM: Class A (ASTM E84)
  • Weather Guard™ UV-protection
  • Thousands of available tones
  • Natural protection against molds/fungi
  • Indoor Air Comfort ®
  • BREEAM compliant
  • LEED v4 


Scandinavian cleantech

NT fire retardants are manufactured from naturally occuring non-toxic substances and they are based on over 10 years of development with the leading wood research laboratories around the world.

NT fire-retardants are manufactured in the EU from non-toxic and environmentally friendly active substances, and can safely be applied in living spaces and exposed surfaces.




Industrial application

Our specialists help our customers with integrating fire retardant treatment into their exsisting processes.

Fire retardant treatment can be integrated in a variety of different manufacturing processes, including:

• Spray treatment
• Pressure treatment
• Vacuum treatment
• Immersion treatment
• Brush treatment


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